New Years Survey

What was the best part of last year? - travelling and food
What was the worst part of last year? - school and boredom
What was the biggest surprise of last year? - getting 5 for a physics test
What are you most looking forward to next year? - travelling and new people
Is there anything you are not looking forward to next year? - friends going abroad
Which new years resolutions did you keep last year? - studying japanese
Which new years resolutions did you break last year? - getting a boyfreind
What will be your new years resolutions next year? - studying french, keeping my room clean, doing yoga, getting a boyfreind
Which resolution are you most likely to break? - the last one
Which resolution are you most likely to keep? - doing yoga
What will you be doing on new years eve? - drinking + dancing
Who will you be with at new years eve? - friends
Who do you want to kiss to see the new year in? - nino
Who will you probably end up kissing to see the new year in? - noone
What was the best song of last year? - arashi - attack it!
What was the best TV show of last year? - mei chan no shitsuji
What was the best book you read last year? - peter carey - wrong about japan
What was the best film of last year? - eternal summer
What change would you like to make to your life next year? - be more patient, focus on my dreams and reach them
What change would you like to see in the world next year? - balance and no racism

lets have fun tonight and begin 2010 with a headache



im off.

Σ' αγαπώ

you better have sales!



i will spend the holiday in the netherlands with my family, with everyone :)
&& makkusu, of course <3



style rookie

take your time to watch this. i love tavi, shes the cutest fashion blogger. i first saw her in a japanese nylon scan on the internet. read her blog. tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/




korean warrior

not actually sure who is this. but i found this blog on the web and its great tatoos and lots of inspiration. novo korea warrior can be found at azuki-panda.blogspot.com


i discovered this thing called uhljjang. its like myspace but in korea and its all about the "best face" (uhljjang), kids getting famous on the internet because they are pretty.and yess, they are way too pretty to believe, so before you get jealous i tell you its circle lens and a little bit of photoshop.

its easy to get addicted and watch their pictures all the time, so if it wasnt enough, check this out.


just to face it.

i really have to work on my hungarian grammar and typing.
school stresses me so much, i would rather sleep all day.
and its the first of december today, i hate winter...
when i go out its stil dark and when i get home its already dark.
and my ipod offically disappeared. im not happy. but i want to
make ukiyoe , impossible? kinda
and i wnat to speak korean. and do yoga. yeah i need 48 hours a day.
24 is not enough.
cute boys, whatever.