Please please please!


japan fun


happy happy

yesterday was so much fun; fanni's photos.

boredom hates me

If I was a month I would be: october
If I was a day of the week I would be: wednesday
If I was an hour of the day I would be: 5 in the morning
If I was a planet I would be: can i be the milky way?
If I was a sea animal I would be: shell
If I was an address I would be: hiroshi ken, hatsukaichi shi, miyauchi 316
If I was a furniture I would be: tatami
If I was a historical figure I would be: martin luther king
If I was a liquid I would be: hosszú lépés
If I was a precious stone I would be: pearl
If I was a tree I would be: cherry
If I was a bird I would be: crane :)
If I was a flower I would be: cherry blossom
If I was some kind of weather I would be: storm
If I was a mithycal creature I would be: unicorn
If I was a musical instrument I would be: sax
If I was an animal I would be: cat
If I was a color I would be: grey
If I was an emotion I would be: fear
If I was a vegetable I would be: eggplant
If I was a sound I would be: yawn
If I was an element I would be: wind
If I was a car I would be: i woudl be a bycicle
If I was a song I would be: jimmy eat world - night drive // the hush sound - lighthouse
If I was a movie I would be: hana to arisu
If I was a book I would be: sylvia plath - the bell jar
f I was a food I would be: túró rudi
If I was a place I would be: garden on a roof
If I was a taste I would be: salt
If I was a smell I would be: sea
If I was a part of the body I would be: lips
If I was a facial expression I would be: hengao
If I was a school class I would be: english
If I was a cartoon I would be: sailor moon
If I was a form I would be: a triangle
If I was a number I would be: 4
If I was a clothe I would be: stretch
If I was jewellery I would be: necklace
If I was a demonstration of affection I would be: i would do nothing
If I was an insect I would be: dragonfly



we are going to die :)
i hope.



már így is túl sok ideje volt.
most, így ennek vége.
nincs mit tennem :)




go down

that's how we go down i had to repost this one.
1. hot boys
2. jägermeister
3. cute boys
4. jägermeister
5. naked boys
6. jägermeister
7. hot, naked dj's
8. jägermeister
9. dirty toilets + dirty dudes
10. jägermeister

libabőrös lettem ahogy belépett a kórus

800 ember énkelni a kimi wo nosete című számot hisaishi joe vezényel. egyszer azért megnéznék egy ilyet.

the bomb

christopher kane.

lost - not lost

ive seen a tv show with mamimam (= my mom). it was about a girl who ran away from home when she was 15 - the interview was 11 years ago so now she is 26. she was talking about the experience and the reasons , that noone understood her and her parents were strict. i thought her reasons were stupid i think she was brave to do that. she went to italy and she said that the frist time she saw the sea all alone in the morning she felt freedom. i want to see that, i want to feel that freedom.although she was very lucky. but still i would try what is it feels like to run away and be all alone and just do what you want.


p a r i s

more to come :3

have fun

bárcsak előbb találkoztunk volna.


fuck yeah FRUITS

i always loved the Fashionpirates blog and now she posted up her tumblr - fuck yeah FRUITS - yaaay!
FRUITS is the best magazin ever - and expensive and impossible to find in europe- not to mention Hungary :D ive seen it in Book off Paris but it was about 15 euros :O - ive spent 50 euros on manga and japanese novels anyway.
japanese street fashion is so cool. i know everbody thinks its cool. but i think the coolest thing is not only the clothes and styles but the fact that in japan you can wear whatever you want and noone will say you are strange. because your style is your choice- thats what they say.


5 things i find coool

  1. Ray Ban 3016 Clubmaster

  2. Henri Gaudier Brzeska exhibition @ centre pompidou

  3. Pentax K2000 white

  4. Book off Paris

  5. animal masks ( as seen in gabriel castles photography)