kanaizumi sachiko

born in kanagawa in 1976, studied at tama art university.

another great t shirt

fat woman on the metro wearing a t-shirt which says: オンライン恋人(onrain koibito)= online lover.
i should collect japanese writings formt he street. but what should i say?
"hey! i love your t-shirt, can i take a picture?"



this song is so true. i mean i like micheal jackson but now EVERYBODY becomes huuuugeee fan of his. everybody talks about his death and how mush he loves him and his music and his moves and that he is a legend. but i havent seen those people listening to mj a week ago. its just so not cool to act that way, hes dead; thats all. my world hasnt changed a bit. rest in peace.


いい 加減にしなさい!

im so tired of myself; its not easy to do everything right and have fun at the same time; i know i dont have to be perfect - but i really want to.

this is so great! its over but i have to find a project like this. i so want to participate :3


mon amour, mon chéri

her name is michelle payne and her voice is really cute, and her music is shocking. i mean look at her first and than lsiten to her songs. its just wierd. thats why its great. and she paints and makes stuffed animals. isnt she cool?
i love this version of all the small things. && this is her myspace



its me, i hope its me.
deák-ébner lajos : fifine (1875)



im a geek.
not officially but i am a geek.
in the past days ive been watching japanese tv series (seito shokun!- which was pretty good and himitsu no hanazono- which i didnt really like so i started to watch hana kimi- for the 12345312637th time ), searching for japanese food,book,magazine and clothes stores in paris, crying because i dont have any kind of games - i would die for a ds lite! and reading mangas - online.

next, ill be doing cosplay or what??
anyway; ive found so cool shops in paris! restaurants where i can eat real ramen! and a book off! uhm yea; book off is a store in japan where you can buy used magazines,games,cds,dvds,books and mangas for like 100 yen (about $1) so i think i will come home with more than 23 kilos.

and on my birthday we will visit the JAPAN EXPO, and one of my fave bands will be perfoming^^
this will be my supes sweet 18th.



not sure what is this made of , but its probably the best food.



i will pick up my new analogue camera today. i will watch tv doramas, drink tea and put my thoughts in a sketch book all day long. school ended ; and by the age of 18 i've finished 2nd grade of high school. congratulate me; thank you. hope this summer will be long , relaxing and i will have time to find myself and decide what's next. and i hope the next 2 years of school will be fast and nothing special.
this will be my 18th summer; and im going to paris in 19 days.


ohh love,love,love

i don't get it at all.


I believe that we should all know how to make origami cranes. i guess folding cranes is a hobby of mine. once i made one while waiting for the subway and ive lost it but the next day when i was going to school i found it on the street.



ne mááááár

én nem vagyok

ennyire közönséges, ugye?