im a geek.
not officially but i am a geek.
in the past days ive been watching japanese tv series (seito shokun!- which was pretty good and himitsu no hanazono- which i didnt really like so i started to watch hana kimi- for the 12345312637th time ), searching for japanese food,book,magazine and clothes stores in paris, crying because i dont have any kind of games - i would die for a ds lite! and reading mangas - online.

next, ill be doing cosplay or what??
anyway; ive found so cool shops in paris! restaurants where i can eat real ramen! and a book off! uhm yea; book off is a store in japan where you can buy used magazines,games,cds,dvds,books and mangas for like 100 yen (about $1) so i think i will come home with more than 23 kilos.

and on my birthday we will visit the JAPAN EXPO, and one of my fave bands will be perfoming^^
this will be my supes sweet 18th.

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