iPod case

very cute color and buttons! not sure if i could get the same tone but at least i have lots of buttons at home .

I bought an Ipod nano (3rd generation) from my friend ♥ I want a case for it so I checked Etsy if they have anything cute and yess! They have lots of cases. Though I'm not planning on buying one but these are the inspirations for making my own.

simple brown leather - simply perfect

flowers! but for this i really have to measure everything and im way too lazy for that.

funny iPod case! i can have an iPod in my iPod :)

cute owls or should i make cats?

i love this one the most, not only the pattern but the shape of the case is beautiful

bling-bling , very gyaru

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日々 二

pretty origami flowers i made
pretty us in pretty weather
pretty editorial
not pretty but yummy!
pretty quote
pretty rainy day with the nicest people
pretty wellington boots of mine
pretty paintings
pretty & yummy drink from japan
pretty Maret who i'll miss


Kylee新曲「It's You」香里奈出演nissenCMソング!

I can't stop listening to this commercial's song! The singer is Kylee a half-amercan half-japanese 16 year old girl and she's just lovely. I usually hate how hard japanese people try to be international with saying a few english sentences in a japanese song, but for some reason in this song it doesn't bother me at all. She's not theprettiest girl I've ever seen but I really like the musicvideo and her curly hair : 3

pierre hardy x gap

I loveloveLOVE these shoes! I want all four of them, but 100$ for each.. not to mention that we don't even have GAP stores here :)

I don't know why do I talk about shoes on this blog all the time, when I hardly ever buy shoes.
The first photo is from childhood flames.