pretend your happy when you're blue

'you should yas that to yourself much more.' and she laughed. i felt so empty but so heavy at the same time. 'you have no idea! you have no idea what i have to go through to live with you!' i wanted to say, but of course i did not, and i know ill never will. i wish i would be strong enough to say it out loud; i hate you! but it will never happen. its easier this way. pretending every single day.no, i dont pretned love i prentend i can stand her. and she does the same too. she wants everyone to think she loves me, but it will never be love. its too late now to say sorry, because i wont and she wont so we cannot help it. we have to live like this , in silence, with fake smiles , not showing real feelings because if we do we just fight.
but that sentence was too painful. it was the only thing i thought i really do, but if she cant see it, than why am i doing this ?

i cant help it , i love this song.

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András said...

isten ez a szám ...btw a blog jo nagyon:D