seventeen random questions by the girl whose called filippa.

Would you like to live your life upside down for a day? i want the rain to fall from the ground to the sky.
If you could peel off your eyebrows and put them somewhere else, where would it be? nowhere i hate hair, we dont need it , i want the evolution to help us.
What is your favorite pizza topping? cheese
What fashion trend do you think is awful? none, it depends on how you wear soemthing.
Craziest thing you've ever done? i went to japan for a year alone, is it enough?
Would you shave off all your hair for about $5000? yes, i will definately shave my hair off once- and nobody will pay for it - im just curious.
Would you rather have no friends but the most amazing wardrobe or many friends but look like shit? life is not about my wardorbe, friends are cooler than vivienne westwood clothes :)
Dont you ever think that you either dont necessarily need all the things you want? i do, but i still love to have them.
What is your weirdest addiction? i never step on man-hole covers, never ever (or even if i do, i scream and feel like having a heart attack)
Can you do some weird things with your tongue? yes, and my tongue is huge :P
Famous and poor vs. rich and nobody? money is not everything, and fame either. i simply want to be happy, is that an option?
Eat sand vs eat clay? clay i guess, sand scares me since ive read the women in the dunes by abe kobo
Pet alligator vs pet elephant? elephant, they were my favorite when i was a kid
Give up socks vs give up underwear? socks, but i would never give up tights :3
Famous designer vs super famous model? designer, so i can eat whatever i want :D
If you hade to visit one state in the US besides NY and California, what state would you visit? florida, i want to go to disneyland, i love disneyland
All time favorite meat? chiken! and red tuna (because i think fish is meat)

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