Laura Marling - Goodbye England (Coverd in Snow) on Later With Jools Hol...

I wrote my name in your book, only god knows why
And I bet you that he cracked a smile
And I'm clearing all the stuff out of my room
trying desperately to figure out
What it is that makes me blue
and I wrote in a big letter to you
And it's 22 pages front and back
And it's too good to be used
and I tried to be a girl who likes to be used
I'm too good for that
There's a mind under this hat and I
Called them all and told them i've got to move

she is so great. i wish i was so smart.
she knows what i think and feels what i feel.


Ebba said...

Answer: No, I'm back in Sweden now, but I was in budapest last week! Are you from Hungary?

Ebba said...

Woah, that's cool! How did you find my blog? Just curious. Oh, I loved Budapest! Had such a great time, and thank you, I'm glad you liked my photos

Ebba said...

Of course you should come to Sweden, even though I consider Hungary way more beautiful, haha.

Wow, I see! You could always use the google translator (haha) but everything gets so messed up that I would suggest you go on letting the photos talk for themselves.