get me out of here

tonight was the first time that i was in the car with my whole family; daddy, mommy, brother. the last time was the night when i came home from Japan. If I think it through it was so wierd. i did not even hear hungarian words for almost a year and from a day to another everything became Hungary and my whole Nippon ( Japan in japanese) was gone. I can still feel what I've felt in front of the airport when i came home. it was dark, full of smog and very very very cold. I just knew Ii have to go back.
Loving Japan for me means so much more than the culture, or their fashion or the animes and mangas. and not because of this year. not only because of this year. japan means perfect happiness. happiness i will never find again only if i go back.
so i decided before i came home. i will fight for it. i will live there , study what i want and forget everything. so this is the reason why i cant cry now.

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Juca said...

Fú, egy év Japánban, baromi érdekes lehetett.:) én három hétig voltam csak Angliában, és bár nagyon tetszett, azért nem élnék ott. nem vihettem magammal például a tarajosgőtémet, és végig azon aggódtam, hogy anyu nem dobta-e ki az ablakon. :-)