i want japan NOW!

I'm reading Murakami Haruki's Norwei no Mori ( Haruki Murakami: Norwegian Wood - in english). The story takes place in Tokyo in the late 1960s but still everything is so like Japan now. Every Japanese word has got a descripton and I read them but I always think "I know it ,I know what does that mean and I bet i can give a better description." I can feel the taste of the foods He is eating in the book ,I can really imagine what does He mean when He says that something looks like this or that. I want Japan back to my life. I'm still studying Japanese and I try to do as many "japanese things" as I can but I'm in Hungary anyway.

Recently I get bored very easily.

Mr Children- GIFT. Cute song. It is Japanese : 3

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Ca said...

Murakami Haruki is a great writer. I read After Dark last year and it was really interesting. Kept me up many nights reading and waking up late, haha!