must be an angel by now

my mom had to take my kitten to hospital and now madzag is dead.
the whole family is so upset because he got poisoned! its just so not fair he never did anything bad to anyone. he was so cute and such a nice cat. i havent lived with him for a long time because madzag came here while i was in japan. he was always very scared, my other cat is sleeping in our bad and very out-going but madzag had always a face like" whats going on?" . i will miss you <3

so i went to buy ice cream and beer with my mom - things that makes us happy.
and with this i start a new label; neko (means cat in japanese) because i really love cats and i always have something to say about them.

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Vörös BLORóka said...

'so long and thanks for all the fishes'