sanyo fight-oh

i decided to start a blog in japanese too , for my japanese friends and classmates.
i recieved 31 letters from my classmates, one from my class teacher and one from my helper / english teacher. they almost made me cry but it was rather funny. they all asked the same questions like how do i do and what am i doing nowdays, they all wrote they miss me and they were so surpiried when they read my letter and saw that my japanese is great. they are so cute (^___^)
my mom gave me the envelope and counted the letters i recieved.
"And you say you couldn't make friends!" she said. i had to laugh and said she was right. It was difficult to make friends but they remeber me ad they miss me and i miss them too , even though we never went shopping together or never went to the movies together. we spent almost everyday for 10 months in the same class room and they are all a part of my life. they are my lovely japanese class mates.

(sanyo was the name of my school and sanyo fight-oh was what we were screaming in festivals nad stuff)

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